Frequently Asked Questions

# Why did you create this?

RunMyCode Online has been primarily made for developers to quickly tinker with code. The aim is to enable users to test a piece of code directly from browser without installing anything.
Some use cases include:

# Can I use RunMyCode Online API in my own app?

Yes, you can. But please do not use the RunMyCode Online hosted version in production or anything that can implode universe. It is not meant to be. Also, there are time and network restrictions in the hosted version. Since all code will be open source soon, I would suggest to host the service yourself if you are going to use this heavily and don't want any limits.

# Why do I need to authenticate?

RunMyCode Online is a free service by a single developer. To restrict abuse, a key is required to use it. Your key will be generated once you authenticate yourself using any of the auth providers on the home page. This service only needs access to name and email and once the key is generated, you can immediately revoke RunMyCode Online's access from the auth provider. Concerned about your data?

# How is the key used?

Your key is used to authenticate and meter your usage.

# What are the limitations?

# What browser extensions are available?

# How do I configure the extension?

You don't need to. On install, the extension will redirect to RunMyCode Online dashboard to auto-configure itself. If you are already authenticated, then you are done. Otherwise you will be prompted to authenticate following which extension will auto-configure itself.
If you are still facing issues, follow this YouTube video: Configuring RunMyCode Online Extension.

# What languages are supported?

  1. C (GCC 7.2)
  2. C++ (GCC 7.2)
  3. Java 8
  4. Nodejs 6.10
  5. Python 2.7
  6. Python 3.6
  7. Ruby 2.2
  8. PHP 7
  9. Go 1.7
  10. Kotlin
  11. Scala

# What websites are supported by the browser extensions?

All the supported version control sites have support for running standalone code from view, edit and new file pages.

  1. GitHub
  2. GitLab
  3. BitBucket
  4. GitHub Gist
  5. GitLab Snippets
  6. Bitbucket Snippets
  7. Go by Example
  8. Xahlee
  9. Learn To Solve It
  10. Tutorials Point

# What permissions are requested by the browser extensions?

Starting with v2, RMCO extensions only ask permission for GitHub by default. All other websites are optional and can be allowed on demand. Check your URL/tool bar for a blue RMCO icon on supported sites.

# Privacy Policy OR How is my data used/stored?

# Will I be able to use RunMyCode Online after I logout?

Yes. You can still use already configured browser extensions. Logout simply deletes data stored by RunMyCode Online website. You won't be able to use CodeSheet though. You will get the same key if you log back in.

# How do I delete my account?

To prevent possible abuse, currently there is no delete button on the site. Please email to [email protected] with the email id you authenticated with. Apologies for this inconvenience.

# Where is the source code?

# How do I contact you?

Please email to [email protected].